About Affordable Tax

Tax Consultant Paul O’Connor
Rockhampton, Central Queensland.

Paul O’Connor Registered Taxation Accountant has a diversified range of skills that are of enormous benefit to the clients of Affordable Tax Returns (registered trade name), both in managerial and taxation fields. Paul regularly consults with and uses the services of a team of legal advisors for corporate matters.

Paul has respect for people and their money and what that money represents. Businesses are offered a free initial consultation so we can get to know each other, prior to engagement.

What makes Paul affordable is the definition of a standard tax return and how that definition is applied. In most cases with Paul, if a return can be done in half an hour it is standard and Paul likes to work face to face wherever possible, enabling clients to have direct input for accuracy and reliability.

Paul does not try the cheap option but instead offers professional service at an affordable price, never surrendering quality service for personal gain, grasping the marketing concept of only helping himself, if at the same time he is helping others.

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